Introducing the Form 2

We’re excited to announce the latest in 3D printing technology from Formlabs: The Form 2. With a 40% larger build volume, redesigned print process, and Wi-Fi connectivity, the Form 2 pushes the boundaries of desktop stereolithography. The Form 2 is more reliable, more functional, and more capable.

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My endless procrastination payed off. I did not order the Form 1, I thought I’d wait for the next version to come, then the Form 1+ came out and I put that purchase off forever too … I was finally ready to order the Form1 + last week when the “Big News” email showed up so I waited a few more days and this morning I got up early (7am in CA) after only sleeping a few hours (I work nights) to watch the product announcement and immediately ordered the Form 2. I’m glad I waited for the Form 2. Now the next two months are probably going to seem like forever as I wait for the November ship date :slight_smile:


Other than the obvious new tank and larger platform, are any of the Form 1+ components still usable in the Form 2? E.g., Will the older platform still work? just not print to maximums?

In other words, if I sell my Form 1+ to upgrade to the Form 2, what should I keep? and what should go with the older machine?



The build platform locking mechanism is different, so it would not fit.

I suppose you could use the old finish kit, but the buckets won’t be big enough for some large volume prints.

I think you are able to reuse the resin.

That’s a good one. But you know what would be great? Since you guys really do know what will and will not migrate forward can you supply a comparison form for us?

Something like this example would be extremely helpful.

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I was initially VERY excited when I read the release. I was wondering how long FormLabs was going to survive with 1 printer.

I think the process and build reliability has been improved greatly. It has a larger build area than the Form1 but I was hoping for much larger. I need FOOTPRINT (something like 10" x 10") most of the time not build height to be really useful. I could print boxcars etc in that size.

If there is a significant trade in value of a working Form1 I might consider it. But I have not seen that yet. I am staying put for now.

I do feel bad for those that just got their Form1. I have had mine for almost a year now. Are they discontinuing the From1?


There is no trade in. There is a $400 discount for existing owners to purchase a new Form2 (and you keep your 1, so you can sell it or whatever).

After thinking it over for a day, I won’t buy a Form2. I have come to enjoy my 8"x8" build volume. Not only is the Form2 just 5.7x5.7", but you need to angle your parts. Meaning for full range of motion, your print should be 3"x3"x3" maximum! I just can’t live with that. It’s a shame, I could really use some castable resin for my new hobby. But PLA will work.

Which machine are you now using?

I get that question a lot.
After my Form1+ I bought a Da Vinci 1.0 from xyzPrinting for $400. The hardware is great, but their software sucks. So I spent another $150 to get Simplify 3D software. Now it’s every move is controlled by the same software as the expensive FFF printers. I have it running in the other room right now, it servers me great. Better than expected.
PS - The factory software is metric, so the build area was something like 7.9"x7.9". S3D lets me change that to a true 8"x8".


Thanks, always good to hear from people that have real experience with multiple machines.

Congratulations to the Formlabs team on the Form 2. The new printer sounds very exciting. Man, I would love to have one in our studio but Sienna and I need to get much more use out of our Form 1+ first. (We’re working on it!) :smile:

I have a question about the ‘Heated Resin Tank’. How is this useful? Just wondering how heated resin improves printing and if it matters to Form 1+ users.

Thanks for any info and keep up the great work guys!


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The heater is useful for a variety of reasons.

The primary purpose is to make prints more consistent. By controlling the temperature, we can more precisely tune our resin exposure settings for the best print performance at a single setpoint, rather that attempting to find settings that work across a wide operating range. If the temperature is too low, failures like explosions or failures to adhere become more probably. That’s why we recommend using the Form 1+ in a room within a temperature range of 64ºF - 82ºF. By adding a heater to the Form 2, we can make sure that we’re not over-curing or under-curing the part.

Heating the resin also makes it less viscous. Lower viscosity resin yields smaller peel forces.


Craig, thanks for info! How heat affects printing is interesting and good to know.

But living in Los Angeles, I don’t think I’ll have to worry about the temp getting too low these days. :slight_smile:


Thanks @CraigBroady, your info always makes sense.
Not to put you on the spot, so this is a general question to the Formlabs staff…
Why did the build plate only increase by 0.78 inches? Has the angle of impact been maxed out for a single laser? Wouldn’t it be well worth the effort to double the build plate and run a second laser/galvo set? Your new peel technique makes that possible.

Carter, I’m not sure if you’ve already come across the comparison of the Form 1+ and Form 2 that we have created. If you have any questions from the side-by-side table, feel free to let us know.

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Josh - even though it’s possible to make a larger SLA, our focus is “High Resolution Desktop Printing”. If you increase the size, it becomes less of a desktop printer and more a shop solution : )


Thanks for pointing out the other side of the argument. I’ve seen users post pictures of their work areas, and with all the finishing steps it needed, the printer is not the majority of space needed. And then there’s the poor artists that are blowing time and effort to digitally dismember their sculptures and glue them back together with a laser pointer. At the very least I think there should be a vote on the size next time. Wifi and ethernet are awesome, but they don’t affect results like build size does.

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