Wavelength spectrum of Form 1+ laser


I am a researcher who still uses the Form 1+ 3D printer. I was wondering whether you had any data on the wavelength spectrum of the printer light source?

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EN 60825-1:2007 certified
Class 1 Laser Product
405nm violet laser

Hope that helps!

Apologies, I was hoping to be able to see the emission spectrum of the light source. Do you have this information at hand?

The laser diodes used are 405nm, here’s a couple of datasheets which have spectrum graphs.

The diodes are mostly used for blu-ray players.


Thanks for those data sheets, @Firefox3d. I was hunting around for similar ones.

@BenBowles, as you can see in those data sheets, the average emission spectra of those 405nm laser diodes depends on case temperature, and somewhat relatedly, current or power. Those data sheets also may or may not capture diode-to-diode variability, or how the manufacturers or the end-users bin the diodes that they receive based on those spec sheets.

In other words, if you need more specific information about exactly what wavelength your diode is emitting, you’ll probably have to measure it with a spectrometer yourself, possibly across a range of temperatures and output powers.

If you’re doing work that would be sensitive to a difference between 100mW of radiometric power centered at 404nm with a 2nm FWHM vs. 406nm with a 0.5nm FWHM, I’m curious to hear more about it. :slight_smile:


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