Wastage of resin due to heavy base and supports

Hi everyone,
I print delicate items on my form1 plus,
My print consumed 2.860 gms of resin, where 0.380 gms was the actual output and 2.480 gms was the wastage,
I won’t need a base stronger than 0.5 mm and wouldn’t require such heavy pillar supports may be half the thick Ness would also do…
Here are the image’s of the said print

I wish the form labs would provide options on decreasing the pillar supports thickness and base thickness

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I’ve been getting excellent results with minimum support density and minimum support tip size, reducing the base thickness to 1.5 and setting height above base at 3.5. I’m not printing stuff as delicate as you are, but I am printing mechanical parts of similar size.

The only benefit I can think of for being higher off the base is that it makes it a little easier to bust the supports off. Too close to the base, you won’t be able to get the flush cutters in. And I can’t think of a reason for the base to be as thick as the default. The degree of adhesion to the build platform doesn’t get any better than the first layer. You need a little padding before the supports start to print or the supports might lever the base off the platform. But my experience has been that you can get the exact same results with less base thickness.

Also, I’ve found that with small support point size, if I let the print cure under UV for a few hours, the supports break away easily, in many cases I can give the printed part and base a little opposite twist and the base/supports separate from the print without any manual cutting at all.

This part is about 32mm wide. Printed fine in clear resin 0.1mm with support density at 0.5, point size at 0.4mm, base thickness at 1.5 and height above base 3.5.

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