Wash and Cure Chart

Formlabs Cure Wash settings.pdf (144.5 KB)
Not sure if something like this already exists. We keep this posted by the wash/cure stations.


Here’s my own concise, quick-reference:
Wash and Cure Time v2 (Feb 2021).pdf
Wash and Cure Time v2 (Feb 2021).doc

An advantage is they each fit on one page, and the Dental/Bio info is separate so you can cut them away if you don’t use those materials. I printed it out on Avery 6503 adhesive labels, and stuck them right on the front of my Wash and Cure. I put a transparent Avery 73601 laminated sheet on top of the Wash one to help prevent the ink from running when IPA drips down on it. All those stickers are removable without residue.

For the latest, authoritative recommendations, Formlabs maintains an up-to-date chart for wash times here:

And cure times, here:

On both pages you can click Download the latest PDF version for a printable one. But I’ve noticed there are some discrepancies depending where you look.

e.g. For Dental SG the web page recommends 15 minutes in the bucket, then 5 in fresh IPA. But their PDF says 10 minutes in each. The PDF also recommends ≥ 99% IPA for all bio. Similarly, Denture Teeth and Base is 10 minutes on the website vs. 10-20 minutes in the PDF.

For Castable Wax, the Formlabs Wash PDF says “If parts are sticky after washing in TPM, Formlabs recommends post-curing for optimal casting results” but there are no post-cure guidelines given for this resin in either the web page or their PDF’s.

Maybe @DKirch could flag these minor nitpicks to the team for review next time they update the publications.

Also interesting to see how recommendations have evolved over time - I seem to recall the older advice for Dental SG to be 5 mins in ≥96% IPA.

Finally, for those unaware, there’s a firmware update for the Form Cure (released in Preform 3.6.0 on June 18, 2020) which lets you enter settings by simply selecting the material name.

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Like the adhesive label
Unfortunately, that’s some small print for some of us. :wink:

The source for my PDF is an excel spreadsheet and we just hide the rows for material we don’t use, so it fits on one sheet for us.

Would be nice if Formlabs would simply create and maintain a single doc for wash/cure instead of having it located in two places.

Haven’t updated the firmware for either wash or cure yet. No computer nearby.

Appreciate the flag everyone! This is a great callout and I’ll certainly pass it along. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Our documentation team is aware and is looking into consolidating resources! Thanks all!

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Well, since I need to label each resin tank for every single material I use a simple “MaterialName | WashTime | CureTime+Temp” notation on each sticker.
Each time I forget about those values (which is easy with 15 different materials) I quick glimpse at the tanks being used (I always keep the tank cases that are currently being used in a different place near the printers) is all it takes.
While a printed chart is a good idea, having to visually search many rows each time is kind of hard.
I did initially make my own chart with both wash and cure values including resin tanks lifetime but never used it since this.


@eks It’s a really great idea! Maybe you can share your document for printing the stickers?

I don’t have a document, sorry.
All were printed in a P-Touch label printer and each one set manually. Since the boxes for the tanks will always be the same there wasn’t any need for anything fancier.