Warped parts - Need help


These are the first parts to have warped, in a long while using this printer.

These parts warped during the printing process. I do not know why they warped.
There were no signs of warping on the support, but nonetheless the parts have been washed and placed in a UV chamber.
The print setup looks like this :

The printer is a Form 2
The resin we a currently using is the Durable V2 – at 0.05 mm
We have both the Wash stations from formlabs this time it was the manual wash station that were used.
We are using a DIY UV chamber.

Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


Hey there!

Thanks so much for outlining your issue! Hopefully we can point you in the right direction.

Can you tell me if you’re removing your supports before or after the final cure?


The support were removed before they the final curing. The parts were warped before the curing process. The reason behind curing them even if they were warped was we would like to keep them as a step in the process.



There are two different parts. One is the test model from this forum.
The other is a model where we have a similar problem.

The test part is not really that warped. It has some slight curvature but it’s not something that we can’t live with out.
On the other hand, our own model is warped and cannot be used. I can’t figure out what the problem is.
Is it the build plate that would be able to cause warping like this?

I would really appreciate it, if someone could point me in the right direction.

Kind regards


was there a significant change in temperature/humidity during the print?


As far as i know there wasn’t any major changes in temperature or humidity.
The parts was being printed over night.


Have you checked the optical window to make sure it is clear of dust, smudges, etc? Have you also inspected your resin tray?

Have you tried to print the parts in a different location in the tray to see if warping occurs?


There seems to be a small amount of dust specks on both. That being said the place where the dust is, doesn’t seems to match up to where the part were being printed.

How should i clean them both? I have some Isopropyl alcohol but i have read that you shouldn’t use to clean the tray with it.

I have not yet tested a different location.


Check out this article for instructions on cleaning the optical window:


I would try cleaning but also printing the parts in a different location on the tray.

Are you curing at an elevated temperature? If so you also might try curing at room temp.


I’m sorry for the long response time. I have been testing the Formlabs printer some more.
The curing of the parts happens at room temperature, which should be around 20-24c.
It all depends on how much sun the building is getting.

I have washed and cured all the parts, they were printed in two different places and not at the same time.

This one is not really warped in the same way, this might be due to shrinkage in the resin while curing.

This one on the other hand is suffer from the same problems as the last ones did.
warping one the side and sagging on straight edges.

After these i will try and clean the window, and i might just change the resin tank while i’m at it.


I just noticed while removing the supports from the model above that there is a hole in the part.

The hole looks like it’s in the same angle as the part was being printed.


That will be a spec of dust on the optical window.