Warning! How to print even better

Greetings to all fans of new technologies!:slight_smile:

I have a lot of time experimenting in 3D printing on Form1 +, more than a year.

I want to share with you our experience in quality printing and show my results. It was hard work, a lot of time and nerves has been spent. (I apologize in advance for my English)

Do not rely only on the automatic supports!

To get good results do not always rely only on those automatic supports offered PreForm. Especially when you print something delicate and small, such as these miniatures.

Always double check the layer by layer all the overhanging part on the model. In most cases, the delicate small parts do not have supports at all or they are too close and stick together, always use the manual adding supports.

Separate model

Do You want to get a great print? Separate model.
Complex parts will not be printed well and are not very accurate if they are not separated.

Tips and tricks

If some parts of the model does not stick to build platform, it is possible in the room where you are printing too cold, I use a hair dryer to heat build platform and resin and only after that I started to print.

For more accurate printing with gray resin I use the black resin settings.
All models in these pictures have been printed in 50 micron using the black resin settings .

To demonstrate your models after printing, I advise you to use acrylic primer.

All models are available in STL format, ready to print, you can download them here.

I hope my experience will be useful to you.
Thank you.


Those are amazingly detailed models @3dArtDigital

P.S. Alliance (Feathermoon) for life! :slight_smile:

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Your doing great work, thanks for the tips!

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This is what software production support?
Thank you

Really great

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I’m mainly mechanical based stuff, and seeing the detail level of these is mind blowing. Excellent work and thanks for the tips!

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Nice! But breaking a model up that much would drive me insane, I’m far too lazy!

Awesome work though!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

to build supports I use Meshmixer
it saves more than 20% of resin

That is some amazing artwork! Very useful tips and tricks. Thank you so much. Will definitely be trying the black settings on grey resin on my Form 2 and see if that works also.
In MeshMixer do you build the supports or is there some automation by the software?

Meshmixer will generate supports automatically, then you an edit them by adding and removing points pretty much like Preform does.

I tried it before with good success but eventually I just started to use Preform, lazy I guess.

Very nice results–did you do any finishing to smooth the surface beyond cleaning up where the supports are?

Not so miniature, but great prints. :wink:


Yes, I use Meshmixer because it saves more than 20% of resin but not use a fully automatic method, since automatic way can lead to fail especially if the model is hollow

I used traditional cleaning methods like this


how and what did you use to paint them? love the characters.

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Yes, its the largest from that you saw, but in the project will be larger and more complex models. I really hope that after the successful implementation of this project, you can get all of our experience here.

acrylic surface primer gives the most expressive result to showcase your models

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What layer you use ? amazing !