Waiting for 3d printer more then 4 months! Help :(

Hi all,

I order and pay for Form1 3d printer 26.2.2014 and still don’t have it. I am based in Europe. Did anybody have same problem? Or it is just me.

And now they also ignores my email where I ask when they will send it to me :frowning:

Hello Martin,

no, unfortunately this also happened with me.

I’m from Europe too and I ordered my Form1 on on January 2013 and I just received that about two moths ago…

OMG that is crazy man. They write me that they will send it 20th on 100%. But after 20th June they starting ignoring me. No reply at all.

I hope I will not wait till 2015 :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply

Apologies for the delay in responding to your request, I have just written into your ticket. Due to the launch of the Form 1+, we’ve been experiencing some unexpected delays at our shipment facility.

Printers are on their way to our shipping partner and will be heading out to respective orders shortly.

Well like I see I am not alone who waiting for its 3D printer. And I don’t care If you have problems with shipment. I am customer who already paid 100% of price for its goods so I expect it will be shipped by time what you have on your web site and not that you have delay 2 months. And if you have such a problems it will be nice of you  to send some extra rising material for free for compensation.

I already lost some project because of this and nobody will repay it me back. So I hope that I will find in short future tracking number on my email.