Reassurance before Purchase

Hi Guys
been watching the form 1 for some time now, I originally had one on order but had to cancel because it took way to long to arrive (nearly a year). what I want to know is have things improved?

I’m UK based so if i order one and find out it has problems similar to others Ive seen on this forum will i be waiting months for replacements?

any and all experiences and comments welcome.

I received my Form 1+ within the time they stated it would arrive. In fact, I had ordered the Form 1 right before they released Form 1+ and they just went ahead and sent out the Form 1+.

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I ordered my Form-1 + on July 30th, 2014 and it shipped on August 20th, 2014.
That is 21 days from placing order to shipping.
I am suppose to receive it on Monday, August 25th, 2014 according to FedEx.

I also pre-ordered resin, extra resin trays and an extra build platform and each time I ordered the items they were shipped out the next day.

I hope this will eliminate any fear you may have of ordering items or the Form-1 itself and waiting an unusual long time to receive it because that will not happen any more.

If FormLabs says 4 weeks you should receive the Form-1 + in 4 weeks or less.

A very long time ago I too ordered and cancelled my original Form-1 because people were claiming it took 8 months to get their printer shipped.
I am sort of glad now because I am getting for new Plus instead.

Again, if there was ever a shipping problem with the Form-1 it seems like the problem has been resolved and resolved well I might add.

Well these are good to know. Thank you both. My story is very simular to yours peter, so i hope when I come to purchase mine I get a simular experience…

Hey, first time commenter, long time reader and all that.

I just ordered mine about 2 weeks ago(well, August 5th) and I was quoted a 4 week lead time. This is all great to hear about the zippy shipping pace they have now and that 4 weeks indeed means 4 weeks.

Is there anything I should be getting prior to the arrival of my form 1+? I realize I need to get some IPA for washing the parts, but I read something about possibly using a UV curing oven for speedier cures? I read it also might make the clear resin clearer(less yellow) than just exposing it sunlight. I also read something about getting some decent clippers to remove it from the supports and possibly a sanding stick like a nail file or something. I’ve been reading a lot of threads to kill time while I wait!

Anyhoo… good stuff.

It is good to hear about these much needed positive changes. @Aaron_E, I had a curing oven and didn’t like it. It ionized the air and made a bad smell. It also only cured with one power. I have better results setting the parts outside somewhere out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will sunburn grey resin in 15 minutes! For the clear I just leave them inside in a room with daylight. My favorite tool is my trusty exacto-knife. I use it to break the supports in just the right spot. Clippers should work well too if they cut close enough.

Hi Aaron_E,

I places an order right after my initial order for the From 1+ for additional resin, additional resin vats and one additional build plate.

You of course do not have to order any extras but the you will need more resin.

You can prepare by getting your IPA especially if 91% is hard to get. When I started checking prices for the 91% IPA on eBay and Amazon I saw it was actually cheaper to get 16oz bottles of 91% IPA at Target or Walmart’s.

About the UV curing oven, I don’t think that is necessary. And as far at the Clear resin staying clear I have read on this board about spraying something, I can’t remember, maybe some acrylic spray or something which not only makes the clear piece look way better but it prevents the piece from yellowing. Now I have to read around and see what it was that they were using. If you are worried about the yellowing do not put your piece in the sun as this will yellow it. Like I said there is something you put on which will prevent the yellowing.

Thanks guys. I did order an additional vat and build plate when I initially purchased it, so i’m good there. I also got an additional grey and clear resin. Hopefully next week sometime i’ll be printing out some creature wackiness. Is there an initial print object we get to test it before going on with our own prints?

Hi there,

Heads up - we ordered our machines in the UK and received them VERY quickly with contact from Formlabs support every step of the way!

Regards, Jet

I received mine really quickly as well. Unfortunately I’m still waiting on the resin to arrive, but its on its way!

Good stuff Formlabs folks.

The resin came shortly afterwards btw. I just printed my first print. My initial reaction was something like “…ok you gotta be kidding me. This honestly just printed this?” and then it was followed up with spontaneous giddy laughter. I can actually print something that doesn’t look like voxel art or tiny Legos. Smooth organic forms! Pretty damn awesome stuff formlab folks.

P. S. I sort of want to print micro Legos now.


Seems to be a lot of new buyers on this thread so from someone who is now on their 3rd replacement be aware that the resin tanks don’t last long - 1 or 2 litres of resin at most will render the soft layer in the tank too opaque to accurately allow the laser to cure the resin - I’ve gone through 8 tanks in 9 months and I’m not a prolific printer.

I have never seen a tank cloud significantly until I purchased Black resin. I imagine the more intense light needed for black speeds up the clouding a lot. Just something to think about before pouring in black resin every time.