How long I must wait for 3d Printer after I pay for it?

Hi all,

I order and pay for Form1 3d printer 26.2.2014 and still don’t have it. I am based in Europe. Did anybody have same problem? Or it is just me.

And now they also ignores my email where I ask when they will send it to me :frowning:

Hello Martin,

I have my Form1 ordered on 01/17/2014.
Did the machine have not received until now.
Since I specifically asked after the delivery date and the tracking number I get no answer.

regards Martin

It is same for me. They already send me message that they will send me Form1 20th June but from then they start ignore all my emails and questions.

If I know that I will find somebody who sell it through eBay or what ever.  This is not normal!!!

I hope Martin you will get your 3D printer asap and I wish I receive it too :slight_smile:

We are doing our best to respond to support inquires as quickly as possible, but we are a little overwhelmed at the moment. If you haven’t gotten a response from us, you will asap!

Well like I see I am not alone who waiting for its 3D printer. And I don’t care If you have problems with shipment. I am customer who already paid 100% of price for its goods so I expect it will be shipped by time what you have on your web site and not that you have delay 2 months. And if you have such a problems it will be nice of you  to send some extra rising material for free for compensation.

I already lost some project because of this and nobody will repay it me back. So I hope that I will find in short future tracking number on my email.

Even if you are in the continental US, expect 6 months.  I have not heard of anyone getting it in under 5.5 months.  I understand you Martin.

I think it is of the Formlabs incorrect their customers which ordered and paid to leave without any information on the status of the order. Here in Germany it is considered extremely rude.
I can understand that there may be problems with new developments. But then you should also be as open and honest with its customers.
It is in my opinion easier to explain a problem to gloss over as broken promises.
I think Formlabs should also be clear that everyone who ordered a machine so this also is planning to get his projects and the corresponding plans for the delivery of Form1, but without delivery information this is impossible.

It is ridiculous,  however you should feel lucky that you didn’t need to wait a year after paying like many have (machines were in preorder the day kickstarter campaign ended.)

At least you wont receive a BETA product that will slowly degrade until it’s near unusable and need a $750 “upgrade”.  Lucky us kickstarter backers am I right? But hey we get a small discount on resin so it’s TOTALLY worth it…/sarcasm

I think I will start blogging about this problem on graphic and designer sites so people will know what they can expect from company FormLabs. Maby then I will receive this tracking number for this 3D printer :slight_smile:

But now I know why they don’t have phone numbers on their web site.