[VIDEO] testing a nozzle made with Tough resin @ 195 PSI w/ water

I’m currently designing a new nozzle and I printed out a part using the Tough material to validate form and fit. Since I’ve previously tested the strength of the Tough material using a hammer and vise to try and destroy parts (see this thread), I have wondered how this material would hold up to real world development testing using pressure and water in my prototype extinguisher.

The test was a success and this material works great for mechanical applications and validating your designs! This saves me valuable time (and money) not having to get metal parts machined in-house just for prototype testing.


To help others visualize there are indeed forces and pressure being applied on the 3D printed parts, here is a quick CFD analysis. The red line you see going through the nozzle and into the valve body represents the cross section you’re seeing on the XY plot. This doesn’t take into account pressure being applied around the threads and O-ring sealing surface.


Very cool! Great results too.