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I’ve seen a youtube clip of someone testing a Formlabs Tough2000 sample piece - violently with a hammer. Only I’ve lost the URL. Can anyone suggest where I can find it?


This one?:


The one I saw used the pump housing that Formlabs uses as the sample for Tough 2000.


Tried to find it, no luck


I’ve always wondered how they did that. Everything I print in Tough2000 would be easily destroyed with a hammer… Mostly I make stuff that flies (quadcopters), and it rarely survives past the first crash.

For example, this proved to be not in the least bit survivable, which really made me sad, since I liked the “F1 suspension” design feature.

This is what they look like fully assembled and ready to fly, minus the 18650 Lithium battery cell that snaps in to the top, that provides enough power for about 20 minutes of flight time.

Flight loads were no problem, which had actually been my concern during the design.

But alas, anything other than a controlled soft landing always broke something.

Thickening up the “beams” would have improved resiliency but I could not afford the weight (for something like this, grams matter)


These are very cool. Do you sell these?



No, I’m not selling because they’re just too fragile. I have a newer design where I removed the multi-beam arms and replaced them with laser cut 1.5mm plywood. The wood arms go in to slots in the center body, which looks pretty much the same as in the pictures above. This configuration is proving to be more robust. And if I bust a wooden arm, I can swap in a replacement in about 1 minute.

The inspiration for my efforts is a design that is available commercially, called the “Rekon3 nano long-range FPV quad”. And there’s at least one clone also available.

Note, however, these aren’t toys. They’re not cheap to build or buy, and you need $100s worth of other equipment to fly them, including video goggles, video receiver, radio control transmitter.

Here’s a short video clip from last weekend’s drone racing.


That’s pretty cool. So these are racers. That explains the blades sharp pitch.

I have a couple of drones, a DJI spark and a Typhoon Q500, which I can’t even use around here because of the No-fly zones around San Francisco. I have to drive out of town to find a place to fly these things.

What attracted me was the fact that you said you can run one of these for 20 minutes on a single 18650 battery. I have probably 30-40 of those batteries around the house. Wouldn’t it be cool to charge a bunch of these and fly all day, instead of charging the 2 batteries I have and be done in a half an hour.

At least with a setup like yours it would make it worth while driving out of town to a place where I can enjoy myself for a bit longer than 30 minutes, than pack everything up and go back home…


I have no problem sharing the design of the “F1 suspension” version so you can print it. And I can tell you what parts you’d need to build it up.


I appreciate it, and in fact I wouldn’t mind designing my own frame/chassis, What I don’t have is the information on the electronic hardware, logic board, motors, etc. Where do you buy these?


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