Vat cracked + leaking

After a failed print, and while emptying the resin vat to a strainer to clean everything, I noticed that the vat had a crack and that some resin had leaked under the silicon.
This vat had never been cleaned, and had a rather short service life : it wasn’t yet too cloudy to dispose off.
Given the high price of the vat, and induced waste of resin, this type of incident really puts a huge dent in profitability.
Moreover, the new LT vat isn’t available in Europe until March, which forces me to order more of these highly un-reliable and short lived vats…

Not too happy…

Can you open up a ticket with our support team? That will be a big help in tracking the prevalence of errors like these, and having tanks fail through normal use shouldn’t be your expectation so we’ll work to get this resolved.

Hi Frew,
Ithe situation was dealt with promply by the support team.
a new vat is on it’s way.
Thanks !

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