UV post-cure Lightbox - designed & build

Inspired by the post of Christopher Barry and others I have started with the construction of a UV Box suitable for the design of the Form 2 …

My goal was to build a stable, affordable, durable and stylish UV box.
The design should be adapted to the Form 2 and size-saving but can accommodate the maximum model!

Size 28,0cm wide x 30,5cm tall x 30,0 cm deep
Material 16mm MDF

Front door with cabinet door hinges
Lighted power switch
Solar powered rotating mini display stand
12 V DC Power Supply is included with the LED UV Strip/Light Chain and can be used for two chains

1 Switch Black with LED Lighted Ring – drivezero ToughSwitch '19 - € 15,99

1 Solar powered rotating mini display stand: € 16,99

2 Joygood LED Strip/Light Chain 5 m UV Blacklight Tube UV 300X 3528 SMD IP65 Waterproof Strip Light + 12 V DC Power Supply: € 28,99 for one

from the diy shop
MDF 16mm – 10parts: € 4,80
cabinet door hinges: € 9,99
screws: 2,69
colors for painting and others: ~€ 45

total amout: ~ €150,00 and approx… 10 hours working

Please find attached some pictures of the build:
CAD Design


started to build the UV Box

Finished and in action side by side with the Form2…

BR and just be creative


Ooh man, that looks nice. I really wish it sat a few mm lower in order to match the bottom of the F2 but overall very nice work. =]

That thing is looking gorgeous!!!
Great work.
Would you eventually share your CAD-files?

Best regards,

Nice job! Simple construction methods and materials, but the final product looks good sitting next to the Form 2.

Good call with routing handle grooves into the front door (in both the side and top). I know it’s hard to get a good handle solution that is comfortable and gives an indication on how the door opens without just ending up with slapped-on cabinet door hardware.

Is there a timer or does the button just turn the lights on and off?

hey thanks!
my first Design had exact the same height than the Form2 lower part…but the internal sie wasn´t big enough.
Also the same visual ratio dosn´t look nice…
that´s why it is as it is now :slight_smile:

Yes of course, I can share the cad file with you!
Give me some time to prepare a file which all of you can handle!

I had also the handle problem before I had this idea (like on some furnitures), because I didn´t wanted to destroy the design…
The cabinet door hinges are maybe not the best options to stick the LED Strip (you loose some space) but finaly it´s ok and keep the door closed…

Thanks again for your feedback!
Regards from Austria

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Well done!

I’m in the process of making a similar cabinet from an IKEA Eket cabinet that is 35 x 35 x 35 centimeters. It will complement my existing Techline furniture.

Hey that´s a great idea as well to buy semifinished parts!
Ikea makes it possible :wink:

@KBoesch - Did you get a chance to finish up the cad files? I would be very interested in them if available in any format. If you could private message me I can give you my email address to send them to.

It would be much appreciated!!!


Hi Chris!

of course I finished the files since a long time … just forgot to upload them.
Please send me me your email adress over private message. An IGES or STEP file (whatever you need) isn´t allowed to upload!
The 3D files don´t show the drill positions to fix the plates together and as well not the bores for the hinges which you have to make in a early stage before you assembly the plates…
let me know if you need something else!
good luck

Thanks so much for the files!!! I was wondering how warm the inside gets while in use?


Insside it has a nice temperature but it´s not too much!
I would say it´s warm and smells strong with the prints inside…