All the images in older posts are missing

all the pics from above are gone, as are many other images from older posts. likely just a path error that needs to be resolved. Please do so.


Hi @ChristopherBarr,

Thank you for letting us know; I will pass this along so we can get it resolved. Cheers!

Thanks for letting your guys know and getting it fixed. The article is pretty useless without the pics :wink:

here’s another example, with path cut from ‘inspect’ view in my browser.
Thought that might be helpful as well.

‘img src=“” width=“375” height=“500” loading=“lazy” style=“aspect-ratio: 375 / 500;”’

this is better :wink:

Thanks @ChristopherBarr,

I let the proper folks know last night and they are working on it; I appreciate you providing some specific examples as well. If you have some URLs for the posts themselves that could be helpful as well.

they could simply search for me. I think all of my old posts are broken

That works; thanks!

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