Using uncured unlased resin to fill a hole


I was reading earlier about a user wanting to embed electronics into a printed part, another user suggested embedding it after print, and then adding raw resin by thin layers and a laser to cure it. Can anybody add to this? Sometimes the support lattice pulls away and leaves a davit, I am thinking some raw resin and using a laser or UV to cure it.



I use this one

For exactly what you are talking about, but I would like better focusing and a little more power. With the UV goggles on it is very difficult to see the spot but since it is only 200 mW it doesn’t burn much at all. Tried paper and a balloon but nothing.


Thanks this is getting me to what I am interested in, I assume usage is in small layers? The point of use is to fill in the small holes on a model when the supports pull out from stress. It doesn’t happen all the time but when I want to do it, I am interested in filling that hole or crack with the same resin that I printed with. They aren’t big maybe the size of a large pin head.

Thanks Tkimball