Filling small holes and cracks in printed parts Form2 Gray resin

All, I asked and received help here about the desire to fill small holes, cracks or imperfections on printed pieces. I asked if there was a way to cure raw resin (standard gray), and what would I use for that.

Generally, any 405nm laser point from Amazon or ebay works fine. Usually between $10 and $20. If you can find one about 5mW, I’d go for that, otherwise 5mW + more exposure time usually works.

Today I was able to experiment after some earlier tests didn’t appear to work. I had purchased a laser pointer at the spec mentioned. Today I decided to put a drop of raw unexposed resin on a piece of plexi, I mounted the laser pointed down at the drop, at a distance of a 1", my laser is one of those that has patterns but not a hard sharp dot. It had a bright area the size of a dime, with the drop under it, fixed so no movement. I set the timer for 1:00 minute and noticed a definite hardening. 2 minutes it was hard with some residue, and with 4:00 minutes it was fully hard. A couple of the areas on the part to be repaired were about 1/32 to 1/16+ in thickness. Its a winner!!! after the part was completed, I re-washed it for 5:00 minutes to clean off any uncured/exposed resin, and let dry.

Thanks Craig Broady it works.

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The pattern is usually the result of a lens- see if you can unscrew the end and remove the lens- if so- then it should result in a pinpoint beam.

Thanks I will try that, i spun it around and around, I will check it out some more.

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