Filling small holes or Cracks with resin and curing

I am looking for information or ideas on if I can use my standard gray resin and apply it to a hole or crack, and then curing it via UV or some other light. I have some small pin holes or small stress cracks and wont to use same material. My thought would be to use a small brush or tooth pick to dab material in and then expose it so it drys. Any ideas welcome.


I’ve done that before, using a purple laser pen to cure it. The challenge is to make sure that it isn’t brushed on too thick.

Purple Laser pen? Where would I get something like that? so you are suggesting doing it in layers? if the the hole or crack is deep?


CraigBroady, well I have found Purple laser pens, what do I need to look for in wattage or power? Some appear just to be pointers.


Generally, any 405nm laser point from Amazon or ebay works fine. Usually between $10 and $20. If you can find one about 5mW, I’d go for that, otherwise 5mW + more exposure time usually works.

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Thanks thats the info I needed, have started to look at them.

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