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Using over one year old resin in opened cartridge?

I want to use a resin that has been used over year ago. So the resin cartridge is already opened. But it was stored in a locker, away from light.

I would use a new tank for that. My question refers only to old resin in cartridges not in tanks.

Is it still usable?

Probably. But I don’t think FL will give you a guarantee of success. You’re going to have to try it and see.

I don’t expect a definite answer from FL themselves, but maybe some experience form users.

I have used resin that’s more than a year old with satisfactory results.

Me too.

You’ll want to put some energy into mixing it before use. But other than that, it should be fine, provided it was well-stored.

I have an almost 2 year old cartridge of wax I’ve been meaning to use. Curious to see how that will go.