Old castable resin... garbage?

I have a 90% full cartridge of Castable FLCABL02, 20170111. I realize according to Formlabs this is expired, but I was wondering if anyone has experience using Castable well beyond the intended shelf life? It feels kind of watery when I slosh it around… is that normal?

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Hey there @horton

Thanks so much for your question! While all the standard warnings and recommendations from us about steering clear of expired resin still hold true, I’d be happy to ask our jewelry expert if he has any insight into what will happen with Castable Wax resin that old.

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I’ll echo what DKirch said, but just to toss in my $0.02, this is Castable v2, the blue stuff, CABL02, not Castable Wax, CAPU01, the purple stuff.

Castable v2 is one of the lowest-viscosity Formlabs resins, so feeling somewhat watery might be not be too weird, but it probably has also settled substantially in the past 2+ years. If you’ve got a tank to try it in, I would try to shake the cartridge very vigorously before use, for several minutes. If it starts to feel a little less watery, you’re probably on the right track, at least in terms of mixing the resin up again.


Sounds like it probably won’t produce the greatest results, but you won’t hurt anything by trying. Absolutely agree with Ike though. You’ll want to give that cartridge a vigorous shake before use.

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I have been using almost 6 year old castable resin and it works with no problems. Granted it was sealed until I opened it, not sure if that made a difference.