Old Castable Resin

I’ve had Castable 1 sitting in my printer for roughly 6 months, apparently the cartridge cap has been open as well. Is this still good to use? Should I just filter it all out with a mesh filter and pour back into the cartridge?

We recommend using resin within 1 year of purchase. Resin can be stored in the tank for extended periods of time and so long as it’s less than a year old overall, you should be good to go.

Great thanks! I have Castable 2 shipping, but I still have about 1/4th of Castable 1 left and wanted to get some prints out of it at least.

Do you know if it’s OK to burnout both Castable 1 and 2 prints in the same tube? Or should I just do them as separate burnout batches?

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