2 year old resin

I found 2 year old resin in my desk cca 600 ml? can I use it with old resin tank ?

You won’t know until you try. It won’t affect the machine. All you’re risking is the old resin and an old tank. So, might work! Why not try?

I’d go with a simple sort of model with few challenges like complex geometry or small details. Or just to make a trial run of something you want a physical example of.

If it fails, you won’t have learned anything, since the results won’t apply to fresh resins. But if it does work, happiness follows.

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i have feeling this tank is done anyway, looks like this silicon in tank start to peel from the bottom, my last 200 ml of fresh resin didnt print well…

Resin actually can last a lot longer than we are told. Clear seems to be the most resilient.
Flip the cartridges upsidedown and shake for at least 5-10 minutes.

The resins with fillers or pigments need much more shaking.

Also, don’t use old resin that has been sitting in a tray. The viscosity thickens over time - just give it a good clean.

tried Fail, printed supports but model riped off, but I guess my tank was too old, gonna try with new but when I use 1L of new resin :smiley:

This sorta confirms that the tanks are more critical than the resin’s age.
If the tank was already peeling off the silicone, I think your chances of success were less than zero!

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peeling on the right side near edge, but where the laser glass is its ok. i insert new one we will see

Done, after using 1 liter of white resin (V4) in new (orange tank) I then switch to 2 years old white resin (V2) and mix a little from the tank maybe 50ml of V4 white. It printed well. Now I have to clean it in IPA and make new one to push to the limits of orange tank :smiley: I will see is there a color difference.

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