Use for Porcelite Resin that has settled out!

What do you do with Porcelite resin that has separated and all of the solids have settled irretrievably to the bottom? (Mine was an original batch and they have resolved the settling issue with recent batches.)

First, you mention it to Tethon 3D who were nice enough to replace my Kickstarter shipment. Thanks!

Then you experiment with it! My experiment is as follows:
I figured that with the porcelain missing, the resin would over-cure at any setting. So I considered how best to add something to the resin to make up for the missing porcelain. I considered experimenting with microballoon powder left around from model making. Microballoon powder is a filler used in epoxies to thicken and strengthen while keeping the epoxy lightweight - sounds like a perfect solution to what I was trying to accomplish. I added enough microballoon powder to the Porcelite resin until it became opaque. I am pretty sure I printed in the grey version 1 setting and post processed as usual. The results are amazing! They obviously won’t be fired in a kiln as Porcelite is expected to be, but it is great to know that I can still get some use out of this.

Fan by MMDR Designs

Fan Housing by MMDR Designs

Housing and Fan by MMDR Designs

The parts are really tiny - the approximate diameter of the fan is .4" and perfectly fits in the housing.

I really enjoyed this side project and of course the Form1+ has printed the parts with incredible detail!

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