Ceramic Resin Printing & Kiln

I would like some advice from those using the experimental ceramic resin :slight_smile: We have printed a fluid vase (similar to another poster) which went well printing flat on the platform with supports only on the bottom face and and a 2mm hole at the side near the bottom. We are attempting further prints and have issues with the part falling off of the build platform during the build. I know it is not suggested to print flat - but the support algorithm adds SO many supports it is very ugly (and hard to imagine that the demo examples were printed with the software’s suggested required supports). We are testing self supporting shapes built flat with a bevel at the edge for scraping them off.

We also want to fire these parts and are debating adding an hood to a current muffle furnace we have or purchasing a cone 10 ceramics kiln with active ventilation below and a hood above. We consulted a ceramics professor here who recommended the latter. For anyone firing this ceramic what does your kiln setup look like?

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