Porcelain resin

Look what I found on Kickstarter!

Pledged!!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1885710086/porcelite-ceramic-resin-for-sla-dlp-3d-printing

I realize that this thread is nearly a year old, but did you ever test this stuff out?

Sorry to dig through old forum posts!! Would love to hear about your experience if you ever picked some of this resin up!

I had some problems with my Kickstarter bottle but Tethon3D took care of me and sent me a new bottle (Woohoot, Thank you!!). Once I get the bottle open and some models printed, I will post up some pics.

Glad someone else is testing it out!
I recently bought a bottle and had very limited success in both printing and firing…

With about a week of work and a now defunct resin tray, I only got a handful of parts to stick to my build plate (only after and upon firing wound up with nothing else but the residue of a melted part…

It looks like another user using a Form2 had much better success than myself (Form1+).

I’ll keep working at it!

EDIT: Just a note, I am working with relatively small parts and I didn’t heat the material in a Kiln as suggested but in a tube furnace. I wonder if larger parts that are kiln fired would work better?

Did you reach out to Tethon3D with the printing problems? They were quick to help and though I haven’t printed with the new bottle, I expect to get some quality results once I get printing with it!

With the firing… I have no idea. No one around me is willing to fire it so I think I will end up with some heavy models. But I’m ok with that for now.

Sorry for the delay in response! I was traveling without my laptop for the past week…

Reached out to Tethon and got a very speedy reply with a lot of things to test out to help the printing process. Unfortunately, this was still pretty difficult to get printed. I’m gunna try a bunch of other things in the coming weeks and see if I have any more luck!

Good luck with your printing :wink:

This is Tethon. We are constantly improving our formula and testing methods. Trying to make our material work on so many different platforms can be difficult. We can generally get it working and we will make sure your happy. Reach out anytime you need help.

Is your tube kiln in an oxidized environment? The main point of the firing is to keep is slow between 450f -1200f. Slow can be less than 50*f per hour. How hot did you go?

I did some test prints with a kickstarter bottle (purchased by a client). They were interested in using it to create ceramic horses, unfortunately it was far too thick to be a viable product for the client. If you search the forums you should be able to find my original post.

I had seen your post and honestly used it to help me a lot in my printing process!

I don’t have much to say besides thank you for all your help! :slight_smile:

Hi Tethon,

Thank you for reaching out to me! No, my furnace is not in an oxidized environment (but can be). I was heating at a much higher temperature rate than suggested (~100C/hour to save time). My max temperature wound up being 1250C (2282F).


Having your furnace oxidized will help a lot with the burn out. This can be critical for good results. 100c an hour is very very fast for our material. You can go that fast once your past 1200f. 648C. Making sure the part is glowing red before increasing the speed helps. Porcelite can go to almost 1300C so it should be fine at the temp your going to. Just slowing it down and allowing oxygen into the firing chamber will help a lot. Let me know if you have more issues.

Here are a few parts that I have been personally making with porcelite. The big orange one was on a Form 2.

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I’ll give that a shot! Thanks so much!

Those are beautiful!


Thanks for the help Tethon! My parts are far from beautiful (just testing some simplistic prints) but I got them to survive the heating!

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anyone have a problem with the piece sticking to the build platform? and if yes what did you do?

I`m using it here with a form 2, but almost print fails because it falls, and they are not as much big as those ones above. I scratched the platform but it is not enough.

some photos

@next For Porcelite to work on the form 2 there are few custom steps that need to be followed.
The supports need to be changed in the advanced setting. Reduce the base thickness to as thin as it can go. Also reduce the height above the base to as low as it can go. The formlabs supports cause a suction cup effect during the slide separation. This suction cup causes Porcelite to get pulled off the build plate. Printing on the outside edge of the build platform will help as well.

Also make sure you are using Flexible or Castable settings in open mode. Orienting your model on a 45* angle will also reduce the pull.

Here is a link to the Porcelite Guidelines on www.tethon3d.com - http://tethon3d.com/wp-content/uploads/Porcelite-Guideline-copy.pdf

For more information contact Tethon 3d for support.