Two out of three IS bad

My first print went great.  Selected 0.1 mm print thickness, auto oriented, added supports, and printed.  Great!  (It does have bubbles in it, but I don’t care about that for the use I have).

Next two, not so much.  The exact same part has failed to print twice now at .025 mm thickness.  First time I left it at the position it came at (bottom of the screen, left of the build platform  - BTW, why don’t these positions match?!).  The supports printed fine, but only about 5% of the model printed (the rest was a hard blob at the bottom of the vat…

Two out of my first three prints of the SAME part have failed!

I thought maybe it was due to the build being at the “short” side of the peel plate was the issue so I moved it over to the right side, most peel plate action.  No joy, same exact failed print.

I am trying at 0.05 mm now, with the most dense support.

I have never had a failed print on my Dimension FDM printer when “everything works right” (I have had printer issues that caused issues).  If the software comes up with no warnings, no red zones, etc., I expect to have a successful print.  Apparently that is no the case with the Form1?  I don’t know what to do to up my odds of a successful print.  Where/how do I find out?

Mike, Can you post up some pictures and maybe the .form or a picture of the orientation.  This will help troubleshoot what is going on.  As a precaution, I would also open a support ticket.  This way the community and Formlabs can help out.

Regarding the Dimension, last I checked the Mojo starts at 10K.  They print with a different technology.  Sort of comparing apples and chocolate cake.  I would expect to almost never have a print fail on a Dimension.  The Form 1 is a different animal.  In my experience there is a lot more that has to be taken into account to ensure a successful print.


Well, I have a Dimension, hence the comparison ; )

Print resolution on the Form1 is MUCH better, but I have to think the print issue is due to software generation of the supports, not the hardware of the printer.

First is printing now at 0.050, second succeeded at 0.10, each of the ones in the third one failed (printed one at a time, not both at the same time) at 0.025.

I am pretty sure the one going now is going to finish fine.  Density of the supports the answer?

It has 2 more hours to go.

It did finish well at 0.050.  I may try again at 0.025 with denser supports just to see if that works, but don’t have time for a couple weeks…

You might want to print a few parts at different resolutions to see how your print appears – depending on the scale and the level of detail, 25 micron layers can add quite a bit more time to a print without an enormous amount of benefit. You might want to take a look at this article:

Additionally, if you’re seeing persistent print problems, you should certainly get in touch with our all-star support team at

I think the 25 micron setting is useless at the moment on the form1. Unless there is resin to support it. It adds more time without a huge benefit, like Sam said. But if we had resin that was less viscous, more reactive and with more pigment, and that didn’t stick as much, we would get impressive prints at the 25 micron setting.