Troubles printing a sphere

Hi everyone,

How to print such a sphere without internal supports, knowing that the scale of my sphere is approximatively 20mm. I already tried it with internal supports but it didn’t come out good


That model is going to be a bit of a challenge. I’d try orienting it such that the loop is directly facing the platform and then automatically generate supports with internal supports disabled. The first 2/3 or so should resolve relatively comfortable but you’re going to hit some steep overhangs towards the top of the model that might be a bit tricky if unsupported. Let us know how it turns out!

If it’s only 20mm then the walls are too thin

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Split it in half, print the two halves, stick them together with some extra resin and a UV laser.

Position the two halves “flat” to the build plate so the supports are exclusively contacting the inside of each sphere half. That way, all the surface blemishes left by the supports will be inside where you won’t see them, and you will not have to do as much post-print finishing.

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Agree with @Zachary_Brackin… Look at those wall thicknesses! On a Ø20mm sphere :scream:

Even if the details were thicker the object is too intricate to try and attach halves together like that, you wouldn’t be able to get it cleaned up enough.

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