Internal Support problem

Hello all,
I have a problem with my project. my part is an algorithm based organic structure with all meshes and rounded holes.
I cannot handle it without internal supports. And it looks, when I use internal supports, it is impossible to take them out. There is an huge tree structure and its impossible to berak it into pieces and take them out of the holes.
What do you suggest me? Thanks

Split it in two halves?

In doesn’t works either. Again spherical end points requires an internal support structure too. And there is an narrower bridge between the spheres, it doesn’t let the structure out from a smaller sphere :confused:

use a flex shaft and ball burrs to reach in and grid them apart. will be a lot of work

I suggest trying it without any internal supports (and if the external supports find their way through a hole, I would remove that too.) The red shading starts to break down when you have lots of small (1 mm ish) features like this, so while it is showing as red-tinted, the cross-sectional area of each layer is small and the overall part is self-supporting, so it should be OK. The span where it closed off may be a little rough, and you have to orient it so there are no unsupported minima, but otherwise I suspect you can get away without internal supports.


I’ll suggest having the part built on a high resolution FDM machine. Any supports built on the interior would be soluble material and washed away. You may wind up with some surface texture which would require some sanding.