Trouble with preform 1.7.1 MAC

I have had no problems with the prior versions of preform. After updating on my iMAC to version 1.7.1, I can no longer select models for layout or orientation or support. Because I can’t select models I can only click the orient all/layout all function. I’ve tried deleting prior versions and preferences in my mac and reinstalling the app but this didn’t improve the problem. Version 1.7.1 works correctly on my macbook air (older then the iMAC); however, its a hassle to connect it to the printer.

Hmm, what OS is your iMac running? Do you have the same issue with all models? Give me a few more details, and I’ll pass in a bug report! Thanks!

On the iMAC its Yosemite (the latest). On the MBA its Mountain Lion; on the MBA there are no issues with 1.7.1. There were no issues on either CPU before 1.7.1. The issue is with all models, especially with anything more than 1 model (stl) at a time. Once I add another model in pre-form I can no longer select anything. The same models were placed on the MBA without problem. They are all stl files. Can someone try preform on Yosemite?

Same problem here