Trouble with my prints

Dear all

I have attached a link for the files and the pictures of the results and also the pictures of the mirror

we have cleaned all the mirrors and the galvanometer mirrors with your guide of the pdf

But still we can not get a proper print for jewelry

Until now

We have cleaned the mirrors
We have changed and put a brand new resin tank and new platform
We have made the room temperature 20 c
I have put in the folder the stl files the preform files and the result pictures.

Can someone tell me where I make the mistake

Thanks in advance

Ps: please don’t tell me that I have to clean the mirrors because I have done so 

I had a similar issue with my prints and after cleaning the tank and filtering the resin through a paper towel, I found a hair from my dog had got into the tank. This may have been part of my problem and it might be something you could think about?

I print parts of a very small size at 0.5mm using grey resin, as I work at a scale of 2mm to the foot so a 6ft industrial door will be 12mm when printed.

Hope this helps.
Regards Paul

umm not sure but in your first two shots it looks like something is dripping down the back side of the printer

just curious if you had a resin leak on the mirrors after the cleaning…

it could also be that you orientation isnt quite right maybe try kicking it at a more obtuse angle that just casual arc over the plate having the highest point closest to the hinge side of the printer equals more success

part vertical with minimal supports seems like the way to go but it can sometimes cause issues during the peeling process
I would not recommend running this way

Instead maybe try running it in this kind of orientation with the high side towards the hinge

It could also be that your resin needs to be shaken better (mixed) i know they show a casual shake or two before pouring it in but i usually give it a good shake for at least 3 mins to make sure the pigments have not separated.

Hopefully it helps a little I know there are several guys in the forums that do nothing but jewelry so hopefully they can throw some tips your way


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