Tried Ease-Release 400 - not a good idea!

As Ease-Release is a mould release used on silicone moulds to help make them last longer, I thought it would be a good idea to use in on a resin tray. I mentioned it here a week or two ago and the idea wasn’t generally thought of as horrible, so I gave it a go on my last print.

The model I printed was two parts and quite big, it had a minor failure part-way through leaving a larger hole as the error had a bigger impact as it went. The area of the problem had a layer of uncured resin on the PDMS, so after the print I carefully removed this layer. It was quite well adhered to the PDMS layer and after I had (gently) removed it, I discovered a few spots of the PDMS had come away with the cured resin, rendering those areas unusable, This tray is near the end of its life so I’m not heartbroken, but a bit surprised that the ER400 didn’t do its job.

I’m running another print on the tray, using a different area and even though it is only 267 layers into 3264, each time it peels I can hear that it is sticking quite badly to the PDMS layer and un-sticking with quite a bang each time.

So, before concluding with my findings after this print completes (if it does successfully, which I am doubting, though so far it seems ok), at this point I’m feeling that Ease-Release 400 should NOT be used on the PDMS layer to aid the peeling process.

Hope this info is of use, I’ll report back after this print is finished.

Thanks for sharing your results!
I’m still wondering about maybe rainX or G5

Been meaning to get experimenting with the G products. Have both the product and a new resin tray but just haven’t had the time.

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