BUMP- Seeking High-Production Users For PDMS Testing. Get Free Resin Trays!

Greetings All,

For some time I’ve been on a quest to find the highest performing AND economical PDMS solution. I’ve scoured this forum and others, spoken with various users about their experience, and yet the answer to “What is the best PDMS out there?” is still inconclusive. It seems that most users, including myself for coating my glass resin trays, use Sylgard 184. However, is there something more affordable of an equal or better quality out there?

I’ve gathered three different PDMS solutions as candidates and would like to do a comprehensive study of how they hold up. I’m looking for a few volunteers to help with this. I’m specifically looking for users who consistently have a medium-to-high print load, and ideally who are printing identical parts with the same kind of resin. The vision is to run a blind standardized test of the three, keeping track of how many layers were printed on each to compare clouding rate, as well as keeping track of general ease of use and performance.

In exchange for help with this, volunteers would get to keep the three (or more) Z-Vat glass resin trays I will ship them, a several-hundred dollar value. I’m hoping to do the test with Form1+ users only at this time. However if I can’t find enough users I may have to move to using Form2 trays (will take longer to secure the trays for that test, less ideal).

If you think you qualify and are interested email me at zvatindustries@gmail.com. I ask that you please consider your actual printing situation and only reach out if you are serious. :sunglasses:

Thank you for your help!!!

Z-Vat Industries

Sent you an email. Check spam as sometimes gmail sees me as spam since it is a .com email.

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Bump. I’ve gotten a few hits but am still looking for users who fit the above criteria for testing. Anyone else out there?


I just sent a message using the contact form of your website. We may be interested in this study and potentially using a customized resin tray for other work.

I can’t seem to be able to find pricing but Smooth-On has Solaris. Has anyone tried it?

Good find Ken, I’d forgotten about this one. At the gallon price it’s about $20 per lb., vs. sylgard at more than double that price. https://shop.smooth-on.com/solaris

Definitely worth testing as well. I hope to get these tests underway soon. Still looking for willing participants who are running consistent productions such as I listed above, especially with the Form1.