Tough Resin Post-Cure: UV Lamp vs Sunlight

Hello. Formlabs recommends about two hours of post-curing under a 30 watt lamp for Tough resin parts. I’m wondering if letting the part sit in the sunlight is just as good, or if there’s any reason why a lamp would be better. Thanks for your input.

There’s not always sun in Boston :smile:

Using the sun is an effective way to post-cure parts––it has a broader light spectrum than a lamp. With the sun, though, it will be more difficult to know exactly how much power you’re getting. Personally, I prefer using sunlight over a lamp when possible.

Thank you. Down here in the Houston area we get too much sun. It’s nice when you can find a good use for it…

before our university course bought a UV lamp, I’d print my models first thing in the morning and stick them on a sunny windowsill and leave it for the rest of the day. That usually did the job, but some hidden area’s were always left a bit grungy. Being in UK meant it was hit and miss for the sunshine!

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