Tips for post-curing Castable Resin for successful burnout

Post-curing is critical to a successful burnout and very dependent on the equipment used. We’d love some feedback on what is working well for you!

  1. Please describe your post-curing process for prints in Formlabs Castable Resin in preparation for burnout.
  2. What equipment do you use to post-cure? (link to specific product manufacturer, wattage, wavelength, size, image of unit, anything else)
  3. How long do you post-cure it for?
  4. How do you know when the parts are done?
  5. Anything else that seems relevant?

Thank you!

I use a fingernail curing box and at least 3 hours in the box. If I have the time I also sit in window for a few hours. when its not tacky anymore I know its good

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Thanks George! Do you try to flip pieces, or stand them upright?

According to this Kudo3D article - -,
post-curing in sunlight is not very effective because the air has
oxygen, which slows the curing process. The article recommends curing
the part in sunlight submerged in a bucket of water.


Hi Jennifer,

you have toticed this article, apart from users experience?

Nice hint, Patola. Thanks!

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Hi Schoner,

thanks! Yes I’ve seen the article but I have also heard that people tend to post-cure for longer, use higher powered lamps or do things like post-cure under water as suggested in the Kudo article. I actually work at Formlabs so we are doing some follow up research to make sure we are suggesting the best technique to people!


I am just about to build myself a curing box. I have a wooden box which I am going to line with glass mirror tiles. I then have four nine watt 405Nm Led lamps which are going to be mounted on the floor sides and inside the lid of the box.

A glass shelf will sit in the middle of the box on which the items to be cured will be placed. I then have a light switch with a timer currently set to 2 hours. I am hoping that this will be sufficient to cure the items which will be irradiated from all sides.

I will let people know how well it works after my Form2 and Castable resin has arrived

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I do both If I have the time I also set them in the window to cure. I have done additional alcohol rinses if it feels tacky.

I do a great deal of casting of fine jewelry using my form 1+. After much experimentation I ended up with a UV sanitizer from eBay to which I added 4 bars of led lights from lowes. I simply put my cleaned parts in the unit for a minimum of 12 hours (although 24 works better). The parts come out dry and cured through completely. I have been getting wax like burnout with virtually no porosity using a 6 stage burnout sequence. I have found that even using regular satin cast I continue to get the same excellent results.


I have also discovered a simple way to clean the pieces. I purchased an investment vibrator from eBay. I simply put the closed alcohol bath on the unit for just a few minutes and turn it up all the way. I do this a second time with a clean batch of alcohol. the pieces come out amazingly clean.


Beautiful pieces, thanks for the tips!

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