UV Lamp Idea

Do you guys believe this lamp can be used for UV post curing.
I just realized that Black V4 it requires post curing which I’ve never did except for keeping my parts after washing in IPA for an hour or two under the regular lamp until they fully dry…
What happens to resin if not properly UV exposed…? becomes too brittle or something worse…?

Sheesh, 6 months after working with black I’m learning this…

Curing or not curing resin prints, it’s really up to you.

The prints have different material properties depending on if you cure them or not. Which property do you want?

For example, I printed a guitar pick using ApplyLabWork’s black, which is much like a Formlabs Engineering resin. I did not cure it, as it remains a little more flexible and less brittle when not cured. When you cure this resin, it is much more stiff but the risk of chipping is a little higher.

For most purposes I think standard resins are better-off cured, but it all depends on what you are going to use the part for.

As far as I know, the only resin’s where you never want to cure would be wax, and the only resin where you’d always want to cure is the ceramic and high-temp resins. Everything else, it depends on your application.

Well If possible I’d prefer to have parts more flexible rather than hard and brittle. So I guess no UV curing for that…?

Depends on the resin type but yes, generally uncured will give you more flexible parts.

It’s all up to u, man :slight_smile: I think it’s okay