TOUGH resin finishing tips needed

Hi !
I have essentially two types of issues with “TOUHG” resin finishing.

The cleaning is pretty darn difficult, but I might fix that by purchasing yet more IPA and rinse in clean baths.
But then, the curing… I put it in my oven at 80° C on a rotating platform and shine a nail polish hardener lamp on it.
Both platform and UV light don’t like these temperatures :
-The UV light’s plastic shell is all warped
-The platform stops rotating at some point (yet it manages to revive after cooling).

But the big problem is that the temperature makes the part all soft and flimsy until it cools down. Is that expected ?

Then, the second issue I have is to get rid of support stubs : when I sand the surface, it becomes whitish.
The scratches are visible and that makes a rather ugly result.

Any thoughts ?

Why 80 and not 60 as recommended by Formlabs ? The Tough does become a bit flimsy at higher temperature but at 60° I don’t think it’s an issue.

As for sanding, all kinds of resins will become a bit white when sanding them, there’s nothing you can really do about it. You can mitigate the visual effects though by sanding wet with fine paper and then after the part has dried rubbing the part with a towel very slightly wet with mineral oil.

Hi John !

Oops ! I thought I “remembered” 80°, but you are right ! It’s 60° !
Well that kind of explains everything.
Thanks for the sanding and oiling advise !

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