Touch Point limit? Lesson learned!

I’m a big fan of the ability to reduce the size of touch points and printing with no raft. That said, there are limits. I was printing a shim !1/8"t x 5.0" d. about 9mL in volume. I set the TP size at .25 mm. Received notification that my print was finished. Later, when I got downstairs to the printer, it must have fallen off of the supports on its final lift as my shim was laying part on the wiper and part in the resin.and the platform was up with a bunch of supports and pads, but no shim. Apparently the resin will dissolve resin that hasn’t been fully cured because it had become “gummy”, but there was nothing adhered to the resin tank. Like I said “Lesson learned”. cleaning a failed print is even worse than smoothing Touch Points!

It has been said that “Nothing is so difficult as learning from the mistakes of others”. Are you up for learning from mine?

Smallest “main” support points I use are .35 But I do use upper touch points of .15 that seems to work OK, but, Most of my prints are small.

I have many that are 250 ml or more so it’s a delicate balance.

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