Top Form3 light always on since last firmware update

Since the last firmware update, the top white light on my Form 3 is now ALWAYS on. I tried rebooting the printer several times, but to no avail.
This is really annoying, as there is no way to put the printer in standby mode, and at night the light lights up most of my loft-style apartment!
Can someone please tell me how to turn the bloody thing off, before I open up my printer and cut the wires to the light?

Discussed here too

for me after the first print with the firmware it goes back to normal

Ok, that is good t know, thanks.

But it seems pretty stupid to have to print something when you do not need to just to make the damned light go off…

I can confirm that unplugging the printer and plugging it back in does not make the light go off.

OK, so you can actually send a print to the printer, abort it during the printer set-up phase, and the damned light goes off!

Will probably end up masking it somehow anyway, as during overnight prints it annoys the hell out of me anyway…

@formlabs: a printer set-up parameter to deactivate the top light would be VERY welcome for those of us who use it in an open-plan home setting…

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