Toggle option to text message when new print is loaded

This might just because I use a laptop for all the printing so its slow. But it can take 40 minutes to an hour for my jobs to load to the Form 2. Would be great if I had an option on the Form 2 to text message me when the job is done loading. That would be a message I’d like to get rather than the Print started message when I like “yeah … I’m the guy that just pressed the button to start” (ie I’d rather get text messages that tell me when something I’m waiting for is ready rather than get confirmation that I just pressed button)

There was a brief time where sending prints to my printer was super slow (30-60 mins) instead of the normal 2-5 mins. I contributed to an already related thread here on the forum, mgarrity and a few others helped me troubleshoot. I uninstalled Preform, reinstalled, double checked a few network settings, factory reset the printer. After a few days it seemed to go back to normal.

For your case, more info is needed:

What OS are you using?
What version of Preform?
Has it always taken 40 mins to send a print, or has the time suddenly spiked?

  • Kevin

Hi Kevin,

To answer your questions:
The platform is Windows 10
Preform is the newest version … just installed it a few days ago on my new laptop
I’ve had my Form 2 for 70 weeks printing 3 to 5 prints a week with it. Across 3 laptops and multiple versions of PreForm it has always taken 25 to 60 minutes for a job to load from the laptop to the Form 2.

Oh and I’m doing the transfer via USB not wireless

That is certainly not the norm for myself although I am printing via Ethernet. I would expect USB to be fairly fast as well. USB 2.0 I believe is 480 Mbps, traditional ethernet 1000 Mbps, so I would imagine USB might be twice as slow. Still, 40 mins seems long.

Perhaps your files are very complex…therefore large file size? Maybe clear the printer’s memory, send one file, then check the available storage on the display (Settings -> Storage). This will give you an idea of the size of each print. My files are 100mb-300mb ea depending on the part I am printing.

I regularly purge the memory of the printer.

The files I print are normally complex or at least big … 17 to 25 hour to print each.

So I actually have no issue with them taking a long time to load. I just wish I had a way for the Form 2 to tell me when they have finished loading so I can go press the print button as the print is in a separate room from my normal business.

That is why I asked for the text alert.

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Here I am trying to troubleshoot a non-issue :joy: Anyways good idea on the new text alert. I never thought of it as an issue, but I suppose if enough people have such complex models, it would be a great addition.

Hey I appreciate the help. If it was an issue that fixing could not it down to 5 minutes that would have worked as well! :wink:

But yeah … just something so I know to go and press the button. That has to be worth more than texting me to tell me that I actually just pressed the button when I’m standing right there.

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where are you purging the printers memory at?

@George_Earussi I am not in front of my printer at the moment, but on the printer hit little picture of the printer, go to Settings -> Storage -> Delete All Prints.

That may not be exact, but should get you to the right spot :slight_smile:

Yes that is what I am doing.

Preform gives me a notification on my Mac to tell me when files have finished loading. Though I can’t see anywhere it can be changed.