Tips for Printing Dental Partials

So we’ve been printing digitally designed partials from grey resin (and model) that we cast after printing. They fit with a bit of grinding but then after casting the seem to shrink or maybe warp. These have very small parts and clasps that need to be exact. Is there any tips for settings for the grey materal or a material that casts better but isnt as pliable as the casting wax? Model resin seems to work a bit better but it could be because our grey tank is a bit yucky. not too bad but enough to cast doubt on the variation of effectiveness.

Hey there @Juxly!

Thanks so much for taking the time to post! Do you mind if I ask what layer height you’re currently printing your arches at?

As far as the yucky Grey tank goes, that could absolutely contribute to post-printing issues. If the bottom of the tank is very cloudy, that could mean it’s time for a new tank which I’m sure would clean up your results a bit.

If you’re actually seeing small chunks or particles of solid resin in your tank, I would highly recommend going through the procedure linked below to filter those bits out.

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