Printing with the Gray Resin


I’ve printed recently with the gray resin and while you can see the details very well, I think the clear resin gives slightly better results.

I don’t know why, but with the gray resin I keep getting some small holes and I was wondering if any of you incurred in the same problem?

Any idea if this is something that can be avoided in someway? Let me know your thoughts.


Ah, a ZBrush user :wink:

Did you have failed prints before? Perhaps you have some residual solid resin in your tank. You may need to filter your resin and taking care that it’s free of anything which could prevent the laser to do its job?

I think it is a grass is greener type situation. I’m printing in clear and I’m seeing some voids in my prints. I was really thinking the grey would be better, but I’m not sure…

Those holes are there because those areas are not supported properly.

What you need to do is load up your file in preform, with the supports generated and using the layer slice preview look at those areas. You need to make sure that each layer is nicely supported by the previous layer. If it’s not, you need to rotate your model slightly and look at those slices again.

Obviously the trick is to find the optimal angle for printing so that the entire model is supported properly.

Also make sure that internal supports are enabled for that print. You can also try to manually put an internal support for those areas on your model using the 3d modeling software of your choice. The problem will be solved.