Tip: Cover your button

So this seems like a ridiculous tip but we had a major issue with resin dripping off of the build platform onto the button.  When removing the build platform, resin has a tendency to drip off the part and the platform.  If you are unlucky like we were, the resin can drip onto the button and solidify- of course we didn’t realize this had happened until it was too late and the liquid resin had hardened.  The button would not engage.  We have a very skilled person here familiar with equipment and he was able to take apart the cover and remove the button so we could remove the hardened resin - that was not a simple task.  We are back up and running.

We now have a quick fix of a cover over the button (a good use for your unused business cards- fits right in the slot on the machine edge).  You should consider doing the same, or at a minimum make very sure that nothing drips near the button.  also don’t use the button if you have resin on your hands or gloves.

I would suggest some kind of button cover as an enhancement- or at least a warning about the potential problem. On a positive note, we are printing a lot of cool things and learning a lot about the printer and software.