"time remaining" reported in Dashboard (bug?)

Is this a good place to report bugs to the developers of the Dashboard front end?

This is a picture of a print estimated about 30min of print time

Next to the progress graphic (86%), shouldn’t it say “5 min Remaining” (=14% of the estimated time)?

Turns out it wasn’t a good place. I hadn’t seen https://formlabs.com/dashboard/#give-feedback

This was an issue on the firmware side, and should be fixed in the latest 1.7.4 firmware for Form 3. https://support.formlabs.com/s/article/Firmware-Release-Notes

Hi @gtl

I think it still has kinks:
Previous to this print, I had unplugged the printer, because of some forum messages stating that this had influence in the resetting of some counters / registers (can’t find the post now)


A 12h 49min print, as estimated by Preform (which was in the end accurate)
After 940/993 layers (about 94%) the progress is correctly reported by Dashboard only in the percentage widget, but not in the “Remaining” text next to it
Dashboard reports 12h 23min Print time (about 96% of the print time estimate)
The widget on the printers LCD reports about 75% progress (ok if 3h 39min remaining)
Print ended indeed after about half an hour.

Using Preform 3.7.1, FW 1.7.4 Form 3