Threaded Inserts

Has anyone experimented with using a solder iron to insert threaded brass inserts into a nylon 12 part? You design a slightly smaller diameter hole than the insert. Then you heat the insert with a solder iron until it becomes hot enough to soften the nylon 12. Then you slowly press the insert into place. Our inserts are about 0.2 inches wide and 0.281 inches deep. We have done this with parts made with competing systems but have not tried it yet with a Formlab part.

Has anyone tried this and are there any suggestions or recommendations to follow.?

We don’t have Fuse so I’ve never worked with Nylon 12. However we do have a Markforged, which uses Onyx, a nylon based material. I’ve used heat-set inserts with that and it works great. I would assume it would work fine on Nylon 12.

Edit: I should add. We only put inserts in our Markforged prints if we’re going to repeatedly remove the screws. For things we anticipate only screwing together once or twice, we just tap the material directly. Onyx seems to be a bit stronger than Nylon 12 (at least looking at the data sheets) so this might not work for Nylon 12.

I would try to go with a screw-to-expand insert or something similar because you may run into issues with trying to melt to material and have it stay.

Take a look at these.

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