The Schrödinger Form 2

My Form 2 has gone quantum.
It is both Online since I see it through Wi-fi in Preform, and “Offline” as stated in the dashboard.
Connection to the printer with Preform is quite flakey though, and it is often offline in both contexts.
I think that the network management is still pretty shitty.

OK, I guess I should have chosen a more straightforward title for this thread.
Something like “Connectivity isuues” perhaps ?

Yeah, I am running into the same issue. Went through the hassle of setting it all up with sms messaging notifications and it will say that it’s online and I send my print to it and then it goes offline. It doesn’t register any of the prints with the online dashboard either. This has been an issue, gauging from the previous threads, and I haven’t yet found a solution. I did just start to look though.