The Future of the Form 1+


Yep, the cap at the top of cartridges can be unscrewed for pouring resin. The diameters is slightly lesser but it shouldn’t cause you any trouble.


The only concern I have with the cartridges is the running changes. If new resins aren’t checked out on the Form 1 there is a good chance that we won’t be able to use them. What if in the future Black Vx.x resin is not tested and won’t work on the Form 1?


Existing resins will not be changed in such a way that influences compatibility with Form 1+. Significant changes to existing materials are released as re-formulations and we’ll make sure to be clear as to which printers are compatible with which materials.


What about tray availability in EU?
I do not use it a lot these days, and even with the discount (which is little to be honest) the form2 ius rather expensive for just another hobby printer


It’s not another Hobby printer… I use it for printing miniature figure’s from Z brush down to just 18mm high and it’s incredible. I have been sculpting for over 40 years and using Z Brush coupled with Form2 i could have ruled the world. The detail’s great at 50, but 25 you cannot see the layers without glasses and a magnify-er. Expensive yes but for me worth every euro…:gb:


The comment was for me as hobby printer. If you need it for business, then it is worth every penny


I agree with Francesco. It’s a great printer, and it’s in a class of its own, but if you don’t use it to generate income, which some of us don’t, then it’s really hard to justify the upgrade costs, or even the repair costs once it’s out of warranty.

The discount offered by FormLabs towards the purchase of a Form 2 is OK, but I too was hoping for something more substantial.


For myself I will probably buy a set of mirrors, galvo block if I can and peel motor just to keep on hand.
I like the simplicity of the Form1+ even if it has it’s quirks. It is a very reliable machine as long as you keep it clean. Formlabs should think about keeping it in their product line. Very hard to attract new consumers with just one machine and having an introductory model is a good idea on a marketing standpoint.


To be honest, I was considering an upgrade but i find the offer is rather limited because I have no use of a form1+ and a form2. Thanks to their decision it will be impossible to sell the form1+ even at 600 euros and they do create the situation that if in two years they do the same, it gets an expensive joke.


Same here.

Originally, I think, the wording was “trade-in your old Form 1 for a Form 2”. So I assumed, they’d give you like a trade in allowance, you send your old printer back, and get the new Form 2. As such I expected the cost to be basically what the original difference in retail was between the 2 printers (~$1500)

AS it is, $600 off is not enough to get me excited to spend an additional $2900 for a Form 2.


I have both F1+ and now 2 F2s, but I want to keep the F1+ going. For some reason, after a few Preform updates ago, my recently repaired/refurbed F1+ now just churns out failures. It was so faithful before the updates, but, since the F1+ came back from refurb with a few screws loose, maybe it wasn’t the update, but the refurb. It has been many months of grief. Maybe the assumption of a quality repair job is actually the root of the problem. I worry about the other F1+ users that don’t have other units to act as backups while they labor through the troubleshooting.


Did you have to pay for the repair/refurb? Or was it done under warranty?


$1000. Even though I live within 40 minutes of the repair center, it had to go FedEx and return FedEx (which included some run-around somehow … maybe just Murphy’s law of package delivery). I obviously like FormLabs, because I bought another F2, but this gives me concern, because the dentist friends I recommended the F2 to will not be forgiving if they run into this (not the delivery problem, but the vagueness in troubleshooting and accepting responsibility). It just might be that the service contract is the way to go.


Wow, Did you voice your displeasure with the quality of work to FormLabs? Spending a grand to get a back a doorstop is not something I’d take lightly.

In retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t send mine in for “repairs”. Tell the truth, the $800 flat fee was the killer to start with, but had I decided to pull the trigger and gotten back a machine than has the same issues or worse, would certainly have not sat well with me.

I just bought another F1+ printer this past weekend for exactly what you paid to have yours fixed. Now I have 2 F1+ printers, one that works great, and the old one that works, but not that well, so I’ll probably keep it for parts… or not.


Has anyone else seen this?

FormLabs is now in the breakfast business? Is this a joke, I want a 3D company dedicated to improving and advancing the science and technology for 3D printers, If I wanted waffles and eggs, there are already a thousand places that already have eggs and waffles perfected, for pennies, wth?


That article is dated April 1st, aka April Fools Day.


can’t wait to have these eggstensions at the office! :joy:


I wish that wasn’t a joke. I’m hungry for SLA waffles!


Formlabs are only playing catch-up here. Other 3dp technologies have been producing hot spaghetti for many years!


That is awesome!

I remember glitter resin, scented and colored resin, in previous years. Those were cool. Looks like they are stepping up their game.

Nice Formlabs!