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The Fuse 1 and Form Cell: Putting the Means of Production in Your Hands


320mm Z height at 10mm per hour.


When can we expect to order a sample part of material printed with the Fuse 1?


@Frew The current particle size for Nylon12 is 50 nm - would one get finer detail with a 20 nm particle size or is this more the limitation of the layer height(which is .1 mm)?

I love to get a sample part of both Nylon11 and Nylon12. I have 2 printers right now, I might sell one or both and order the Fuse 1, but I would still wait for people reviews after months of usage.


You can see it in this video at around 10:00. The mixing station is shown at 11:30.

I am kind of surprised the cleaning station isn’t enclosed like a glove-box.


Thanks!! What a monster! LOL


So to print using the maximum volume it would take 1 hour (startup time) + 32 hours (actual printing time) = 33 hours. Not bad considering you can stack many objects on top of each other without worrying about the supports.


Print speed is near the same as the Form 2 given the same layer height. That said, there’s a heating and cooling period with the Fuse 1 that might change printing time a bit.


We don’t have a firm date decided on yet but we’ll make an announcement when Fuse 1 samples are available :slight_smile:


A 20 micron particle size isn’t going to offer much improvement over 50 micron and comes with a few added difficulties. Because the layer height is set at 100 micron, a smaller particle size won’t make a difference in regard to the Z height and any dimensional accuracy improvements in the X and Y would be minor. 50 micron particle sizes comes with a few advantages like significantly decreased risk of respiratory irritation and more efficient material processing.


Can the people that have made a deposit get first priority for Fuse 1 samples? :wink:


More details on the finishing station, please.


@Frew I’m not sure if you guys are aware of this technology or maybe you guys were in deep with SLS already but High Speed Sintering(HSS) would be a great update for a Fuse 1+ or Fuse 2. It can print very very fast, much faster than SLS.

The technology is patented but can be licensed:


Is there any indications yet, what the material price will be? E.g. same range as high performance resins, like Tough, High Temp, Durable?


I asked for a quote from SinterIt for 4kg from their (PA 12) Nylon it costs 110 euros. Formlab’s pricing should be about similar unless they have something else planned.


Thank for the info! :smiley:


I speculate that the FUSE 1+ is already on the table with the option of a more powerful laser upgrade so that white materials would be able to be processed at similar linear speeds as the 10W FUSE1.

Additionally the use of fibre laser technology should not be overlooked as a route to the future use of metal based materials.


I’m sure this is true but I would hope they wouldn’t release it sooner than a few years. Unless we are allowed upgrades.


My guess an upgrade will be made available 12 to 18 months after the FUSE 1 is released.

Another guess would be that while the Form 1 ditched a far east supplied laser in favour of a home grown unit the fibre laser
just maybe sourced from the far east as they tend to be much more reliable with output remaining stable much longer and price consideration of course.


Pricing for the materials hasn’t been finalized yet but both Nylon 11 and 12 will be available when Fuse 1 begins shipping.


Hi Frew, have you tried casting Nylon? or do you plan any castable material for the fuse?