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The Next Step in Formlabs and Fusion 360 Integration!

Formlabs and Autodesk have teamed up again to integrate the Fuse 1 SLS printer into Fusion 360’s suite of 3D printing CAD tools. Expanding on our collaboration that launched in May 2021, the entire library of Formlabs printers are now available within Fusion 360, creating a comprehensive and accessible toolset that enables design, innovation, and manufacturing of end-use parts to happen under a single roof.

The update to our software integration includes new features that reduce the number of steps between design and finished product. The graphic interface allows users to visualize and communicate how parts will fit into the Fuse 1 build chamber, including automatic packing of multiple parts at an incredible speed. Custom design dashboards provide high repeatability and easy access to your most commonly used manufacturing workflows. Teams now gain more reliable version control by directly exporting a .form file from Fusion 360 (with direct export to PreForm coming soon).

Are there additional features you’d like to see within PreForm or other pieces of software like Fusion 360 that would make your workflow more streamlined? Don’t hesitate to let us know here!

We’re so grateful and excited to be able to work with awesome companies like Autodesk on projects like this, and we can’t wait to show you what’s coming next.