The Formlabs Chess Set!

Chess is a bit of a Big Deal here at the Formlabs offices, and pretty much every board we have has a sample rook or four as part of the set. Since we know we’re not alone in our love of chess, @Brian_Allan decided to make an official Formlabs chess set!

He’s the one with all the CAD experience, whereas I’m the digital sculptor so I was in charge of the knight piece. Introducing, the FormLab, Charlie!

This was printed at 100 microns for speed/testing it out, but I"m excited to do one at 25 at some point!


Really cute!

Good 'ol Charlie.

Good choice for the knight piece, I think. Can’t wait to see the other pieces ;D

Looks great.
I just finished my chess set a week ago. Can´t show all at the moment. They look a little different then yours.
So here are bishops, knights, pawns.


Wow @KlausLeitl , this is an awesome set!
You wouldn’t be willing to share how you created them and the resulting files with us?

best regards, Marco

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Sorry I can´t share the models. 32. All different. They should remain unique for the moment.
They are created in zBrush, hollowed with meshmixer, printed on a form1+.
A little sanding. painted with matallic paint used for cars. black metallic, gold metallic, silver metallic for highlighting the contours.

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@KlausLeitl it’s ok…
I’m always in awe by looking at artists that are able to make natural forms (I can only create technical stuff and fail miserably as soon as something can’t be defined with a few simple, geometrical rules)!
Really well done! I’m deeply impressed!

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Wow, those are amazing!

I have the same problem.
Going to look in to Zbrush for that