Chessmen [Complete]

Hey there! I got my Form 1 in last week and I’m in love.

Here are some chess pieces I’m working on inspired by the Isle of Lewis chessmen. No sanding or anything on these yet as I’m still evaluating the designs. I have decided to reprint all but the rook/berserker for now. Changing the design of the pawn and making other proportional adjustments, Bishop too big, Queen too small etc. The king was also a failed print, he is supposed to holding a scepter but I didn’t have any supports there. Doh!  Otherwise just having fun with it.



Kathryn, that’s really cool. I wish I could model something like that.



These are great!  Chess is HUGE around our office, so I’m sure these awesome pieces will be a hit!

Thanks for sharing!

These look fantastic! Thanks for sharing the pics.


Wow these are awesome! I love the queen.

Hey guys. Thanks so much for the comments. :slight_smile: Chess is big around our house as well so it was easy to decide what to print first.

All pieces except the rook have been modified and reprinted. Still cleaning them up at the moment but once that’s done, I should be all set for molding and casting. I left a hole in the bottom of all the pieces to both save on resin and to have a place I can add steel weights to the castings so we can play with weighted pieces.

Here are a couple of images so you can see the updated pieces.

King - 4’’ tall. He was barely fitting on my board with 2’’ squares so I made him a bit thinner. The scepter came out this time too. Thickened up the crown as well.

Queen- She was looking a little wimpy so I scaled her up slightly and widened her a bit. Thickened her crown as well.

Bishop- Scaled him down slightly and thinned out his face.

Knight- Adjusted pose to stand up straighter so he wouldn’t be hanging outside his own square.

Rook - No change.

Pawn- Complete redesign. The “Flame” design I had before just didn’t quite feel right. This design feels nice to move around the board in my opinion. Much happier with it now.


Hey there! I finally got around to finishing the medieval chess set. I reprinted pieces a few more times while I worked out the kinks in the design. I made molds with the prints and cast them in resin. The pieces are weighted and painted with acrylics.

King Height : 4 in
King Weight: 94 g
Pawn Height: 2.35 in
Pawn Weight: 38g

I found that while sanding down the artifacts from the supports, I was also removing some of the finer details of the king and the queen. To fix this, I split the king in two in Zbrush and added registration points so the two halves would fit together after being printed, and put the supports on the flat side. SplitKing.jpg shows the two halves.

More info and process pics at

Thanks, formlabs! This printer is awesome!! :slight_smile: I had a blast on this project.


Awesome, work. They look fantastic. Paint job makes them look very authentic.

Yes, beautiful work! And thanks for sharing information on the casting process in your blog–it’s something I’m very interested in right now. :slight_smile:


Matt: Thanks so much for your comment! I considered airbrushing but thought the hand painting would give me the grittier look I was looking for.

Dennis: Thanks for your comment as well. :slight_smile:  I am glad you liked the info, this was my first experience with doing my own molding and casting so there was a fair amount of trial and error involved. If there is any more information you think might be useful, I would be happy to provide it.


This is so cool. We play a lot of chess in the office here…maybe it’s time we get a new set!

Haha, thanks Jory!

I will be adding a store page to my website soon where I will be selling this set as a limited edition.

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awesome !!I want a set

Mate, these are terrific! What a wonderful job… well done!

Regards, Jet