Creature Chess project. The Chiteren

This is The Chiteren. 5 Prints in 3 to go. Wings back leg and a base. Stands about 18 inches,~25 in Z.
First of a chess themed character design project I have been working on and off for a few years. With the form 2 I think I can finally make this happen.


Hello Alexis,
wow that is wonderful, compliments!


p.s.: what about the blue worm in the background? it is “Allo”, one of the characther from “Labyrinth” movie? Did you make it? I love it!

Yeah I sculpted it. This is a render. I modeled it so I can add feather “hair” tufts along the body. and a magnet underneath. So the Mrs. can carry it on her shoulder at the Ren fair tomorrow.




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Wow! great design!

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